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Education, bits and bites. DIZH plenary meeting 2023

The 2023 plenary meeting focussed on education in the digital transformation. The Coordination Committee Education Program, together with the Management Board and the management office, invited participants to get to know the education funding programs and exchange ideas about education, bits and bites.

The annual plenary assembly provides space for networking, dialogue and information for the stakeholders of the DIZH universities. On 5 July 2023, the focus was on education in the digital transformation. What skills do we need to shape the digital transformation and how are they taught? The DIZH’s education program supports projects at the four partner universities that develop and test educational opportunities in the context of digitalisation. At the plenary event, the Coordination Committee Education Program provided information on current developments for teaching and learning in the age of digitalisation and showed how innovative approaches are being promoted through cooperation with various stakeholders.

Susanne Schumacher welcomes the participants to the plenary meeting.

Susanne Schumacher, Chairwoman of the DIZH Management Board, welcomed around 60 guests and informed them about current developments and the status of the three activities: research cluster, innovation program and education program.

Titus Neupert, Barbara Getto, Markus Weil, Julian Keuzenkamp and Renato Soldenhoff (from left to right)

Barbara Getto, Chair of the Coordination Committee Education Program, spoke with Titus Neupert (UZH), Julian Keuzenkamp (ZHAW), Renato Soldenhoff (ZHdK) and Markus Weil (PHZH) about the education programs at the universities. The apero and poster exhibition offered participants the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

Many thanks to all guests and contributors, especially the members of the Coordination Committee Education Program and those responsible for the programs, projects and educational initiatives at the universities.

The next plenary assembly will take place in 2024. In addition to DIZH members, the plenary assembly is open to all DIZH university members and interested parties. Please send us an email and let us know if you are interested so that we can invite you next year.