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myScripting is an electronic support tool for scripting processes. With myScripting you can quickly and systematically create educational designs for face-to-face, blended learning and online courses.

With myScripting, didactic designs for face-to-face, blended learning, and online courses can be created quickly and systematically. The tool suggests context-dependent activities for a teaching setting, which can be assigned to topics and learning phases. In addition, design templates are available for central didactic approaches such as flipped classroom, problem-based learning, project-based or research-based learning. Through the different views, the teacher maintains an overview during the design process and role-specific outputs of the teaching and learning process can be created for teachers or students. Thus, myScripting supports the design of context-specific, diverse learning environments, such as blended learning courses with specific LMSs or online courses for MOOC platforms.