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Apéro Digital

The Apéro Digital event series are regular in-person gatherings for those who are interested in science and technology to meet and discuss pressing issues related to digitalization, innovations and society in a systematic and argumentative way. Apéro Digital is composed of public talks around topics related to human-centered technology and value-based… Read More »Apéro Digital

Crafting Playbook: a playful way to more balance and meaning at work

The digital Crafting Playbook promotes active engagement with the world of work. Short activities – the Crafting Plays – reflect on strengths and resources at work and implement changes in everyday life. The plays are developed by practitioners together with experts from art, education and psychology. Core team: Dr. Gregor… Read More »Crafting Playbook: a playful way to more balance and meaning at work


Fostering Productive Work in Hybrid Workplaces through an Ambient Display Project state closed Project start March 2022 Funding duration 15 months Universities involved UZH Practice partner Funding amount DIZH CHF 76'000 The goal of this project was to have a positive impact on the productivity and well-being of knowledge workers… Read More »FlowLight