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Participatory GIS and Farmer Science to promote diversification, innovation and cooperation in agriculture The project aims to use a citizen science approach to connect innovative farmers and co-create new knowledge about the cultivation of niche crops. It thus promotes the information exchange between research and agricultural practice and contributes to… Read More »AgroPionier

Being a spider – Virtual Realities as spaces for learning and experience

The Being a spider project enables a unique change of perspective through a sensory-enhanced virtual reality experience. Users are immersed in the world of the spider and can thus experience its world in the museum. Core team Prof. Niklaus Heeb, ZHdK Departement Design Isabel Willemse, ZHAW Angewandte Psychologie Practice partner Museum… Read More »Being a spider – Virtual Realities as spaces for learning and experience

Augmented Ecospheres

Complex natural spaces are under pressure all over the world today. The aim of the project is to communicate this acute threat posed by the climate crisis using innovative digital communication methods and artistic productions, without putting further pressure on these natural spaces. Artists and scientists from the Telematic Performance… Read More »Augmented Ecospheres

Apéro Digital

The Apéro Digital event series are regular in-person gatherings for those who are interested in science and technology to meet and discuss pressing issues related to digitalization, innovations and society in a systematic and argumentative way. Apéro Digital is composed of public talks around topics related to human-centered technology and value-based… Read More »Apéro Digital

DIZH Swiss Smart City Outreach

The “Swiss Smart City Outreach (SSCO)” project aims to promote the implementation of smart city initiatives, primarily in the canton of Zurich, by providing information, knowledge transfer (DIZH projects) and networking, thereby contributing to the development of smart, sustainable cities and municipalities in Switzerland. Further links on the topic: Plattform… Read More »DIZH Swiss Smart City Outreach

HackEOn: hacking satellite data for sustainable resource management

This hackathon event gives participants all means to capitalize on the application of Earth Observation data for the sustainable management of natural resources. Our mission is to enrich participants with EO-knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit surrounding sustainability. This combination will result in start-ups that benefit society. Hackeon. Pixels for the… Read More »HackEOn: hacking satellite data for sustainable resource management

Design your city: A virtual reality experience for sustainable urban spaces

In the project, researchers from the ZHAW (School of Engineering, Social Work, Life Sciences and Facility Management) and the ZHdK (Knowledge Visualization) are creating and investigating an innovative tool for participatory design processes. This offers residents and decision-makers the opportunity to virtually experience and participate in the design of a… Read More »Design your city: A virtual reality experience for sustainable urban spaces

Biodiversity Value At Risk

Assessing and Digitizing Risk Exposure Resulting from Biodiversity Loss We propose a fully digital, science-based solution that can provide forward-looking guidance for companies regarding the financial risks associated with biodiversity loss. We intend to communicate understandable risk metrics using User Interface to a biodiversity-committed network of stakeholders. Dr. Tomasz Orpiszewski,… Read More »Biodiversity Value At Risk


A collaborative environment to embrace deep uncertainties in decision making on climate risks Climate change impacts will become more pronounced in the next decades. Decision on climate risks is riddled with deep uncertainties. We plan to co-design and deploy a decision support system which assist decision makers, businesses and city… Read More »DSS_Embrace