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Digital Skills & Spaces

The Zurich University of the Arts strengthens and cultivates competencies for the digital age and develops contemporary workspaces for this purpose. So that members of the ZHdK can position themselves and shape their everyday digital working lives – in a self-determined, reflective and enjoyable way.

The program is based on the ZHdK Competence Model for the Digital Age, which is used for the systematic planning and development of various projects and continuing education courses.

Digital Skills – Competencies for the digital age

Spaces - Contemporary workspaces

The program develops and tests concepts for the design of spaces that best support the practice and learning of skills for the digital age.

The blog of the Digital Skills & Spaces program looks beyond the digital horizon and collects input, information and inspiration on digital zeitgeist, know how, tools, workshop documentaries, podcasts and Events.


Renato Soldenhoff (Program Management), Charlotte Axelsson, Daniel Späti, Grit Wolany and Juan Camilo Garcia Osorio

Project leaders and contributors

Christian Schneider, Eric Andreae, Felix Falkner, Florian Wille, Gina Calamassi, Grit Wolany, Gunter Lösel, Hansuli Matter, Heike Heldt, Hendrik Höcke, Irene Ragaller, Katrin Müller, Lea Ingber, Maike Thies, Marcel Bleuler, Marco Castellano, Marisa Burn, Martin Zimper, Mela Kocher, Michi Koch, Mike Honegger, Nico Lyptikas, Oliver Carl Brunko, Patrick Müller, Patrik Ferrarelli, Philipp Kotsopoulos, Ralph Wettli, Regula Stibi, Renate Lerch, Stefan Kreysler, Stefan M. Seydel, Stefano Vannotti, Stephanie Feeney, Susanne Schumacher, Tobias Brücker, Tobias Gugg, Wanja Kröger and more