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LeLa: Learning Lab Higher Education Didactics

Higher Education Didactic Innovation Processes and Development Projects for Digital Skills of University Teachers in the Digital Age

The cooperation project “LeLa – LernLabor Hochschuldidaktik”, funded by swissuniversities in the P8 program, strengthens the joint cross-university work (ETH Zürich, PHZH, UZH, ZHAW, ZHdK) on didactic issues and concepts. Through a multi-perspective view on the challenges of academic teaching, joint development projects can be realized and new teaching/learning formats emerge in a time of digitalized society.

Project manager

Charlotte Axelsson (ZHdK), Benno Volk (ETH)

Steering committee

Charlotte Axelsson (ZHdK), Wanja Kröger (ZHdK), Claude Müller (ZHAW), David Schmocker (UZH),  Benno Volk (ETH), Tobias Zimmermann (PHZH) 

Research assistant

Dana Blume (ZHdK)

Working group Educational Design

Lead: Dana Blume (ZHdK)

Contributors: Carola Brunnbauer (PHZH), Claude Müller (ZHAW), Franziska Jäpel (UZH), Mela Kocher (ZHdK), Charlotte Axelsson (ZHdK), Sandra Spörri (ZHAW)

Working group Assessment and Feedback

Lead: Carina Klein (UZH)

Contributors: Charlotte Axelsson (ZHdK), Gabriel Flepp (PHZH), Mònica Feixas (PHZH), Dominic Hassler (PHZH), David Schmocker (UZH), Dana Blume (ZHdK), Benno Volk (ETH)