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What does it mean to be a data scientist?

The ZHAW Datalab is a group of experts from all departments, solving practical problems with data. And the new Bachelor’s program “Data Science” at the ZHAW School of Engineering has started well in the last semester. But what does the career of a data scientist look like? Read here the interview with Catherine Kosten who gives some insights.

The Co-Head of the Datalab Kurt Stockinger explains how practical solutions in industry can be solved with Data Science. 

Event on 30 March: “A career in data science – myths and obstacles in a rapidly growing field”

In an online event on 30 March, Zurich Women in Machine Learning and Data Science partner with CLAIRE to talk about what it means to be a Data Scientist in a world full of possibilities. The panellists will be answering questions about hiring diverse data science teams, working in interdisciplinary data science and the experience of working in a typically male-dominated field. Catherine Kosten is one of the co-organisers and will be moderating the panel. Bring your own questions to the live Q&A with our guests! Register here.