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Plenary assembly DIZH 2024

The annual plenary assembly provides space for networking, dialog and information for the stakeholders of the DIZH universities. On July 1, 2024, the focus was on the research cluster.

Reto Thaler begrüsst die Teilnehmenden.

The research cluster is a network of researchers from the partner universities and external project partners coordinated within the DIZH. In addition to bridge professors and bridge postdocs, the research cluster also includes fellows, a doctoral program, research funding and various centers.

Reto Thaler, Chair of the DIZH Management Board, welcomed around 60 guests and informed them about current developments and the status of the three areas of the research cluster, innovation program and education promotion program.

In Lightning Talks, researchers from the UZH, ZHAW, ZHdK and PHZH gave exciting insights into ongoing projects. The topics ranged from the challenge of “Becoming a Teacher in Times of Digital Change” (Judit Martínez Moreno) to “DAO ProTool, a Tool for Prototyping Decentralized Autonomous Organizations” (Florian Spychiger) and “AI for Language Accessibility” (Sarah Ebling). The research of the Zurich Center for Creative Economies (Frédéric Martel) was presented as well as “De-Constructing History in Digital Space” (Alexandra Krebs), “Digital Biomarkers in Chronic
Care: A Use Case in Fatigue” (Liliana Barrios) and “Algorithmic fairness in child protection” (David Lätsch). Christopher Salter reported on the path to a critical technical practice through art, design, technology and society in the Immersive Arts Space.

In the World Café, the participants had the opportunity to discuss future perspectives within the research cluster. Key topics were collaboration, support and knowledge transfer.

Many thanks to all guests and participants!

The next plenary meeting will take place in 2025. In addition to DIZH members, the plenary assembly is open to all DIZH university members and interested parties. Please send us an email and let us know if you are interested so that we can invite you next year.


Photos: Franziska Tschopp