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CYREN ZH sheds light on the dangers of location data in SRF broadcasts

CYREN ZH is featured in the SRF programs “Rundschau” and “10 vor 10” to provide insights into the controversial topics surrounding location-based tracking and data protection.

A US data trader is offering location data for sale that is collected from apps and websites – allegedly with users’ consent.

What really happens when we click “Accept all” on cookie banners or app privacy policies and share our location data?

This data, which is intended for the advertising industry, harbors massive security gaps and poses a significant threat to privacy and security, as the SRF dataset impressively shows. It is clear how great the potential for misuse of this data is in Switzerland.

Nico Ebert points out that such data represents a target for so-called social engineering, i.e. espionage attacks through the manipulation of individuals.

In addition to analyzing how trackers and cookies in apps continuously collect data, SRF offers practical instructions on how to protect cell phone data in three simple steps to protect yourself and your privacy from sensitive data being tapped.

CYREN is funded as part of the DIZH innovation program.