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Discuss, discover, puzzle: Experience digitization at the ZHAW exhibition

A free one-day exhibition is being held in Winterthur to mark the halfway point of the ZHAW digital initiative. Digitalization projects from the fields of health, art, data protection and education will be on display and participants will be invited to interact, discuss and play.

Scavenger hunt and hands-on digitalization

Visitors can discover the exhibition in a fun way with a digital scavenger hunt. Various puzzles lead through the building on a digital trail. A reward and a competition await at the end of the trail.

Among other things, the exhibition addresses the topic of digitalization and privacy – at the ZHAW digital robot bar, drinks can be paid for with your own photo. The art, AI and big data project “Watching the World” photographs the world around the clock in live mode using publicly accessible webcams. The images can be viewed in real time and there are postcards to take home.

Participants can also try out an exergame for treating cruciate ligament injuries and virtual reality for budding electricians and electrical fitters.

Discover and discuss digitalization topics

At the ZHAW digital post, the “Digital Futures Map” provides insights into all DFF projects and DIZH Fellowships funded by ZHAW digital to date. If you want to know how diverse the research landscape at the ZHAW is, you can try out the new “ZHAW Match” tool.

In addition to the exergame and the VR learning environment, other digitization projects will be on display, e.g. teaching projects in the field of architecture. In these, students investigate a combination of a material and a process – e.g. clay and 3D printing – and use it to create a practical “building”.

Discussions can also be held at the stand of the digitalization initiative of the Zurich universities (DIZH) and at the “Educational Horizons” post. The latter provides information about publicly accessible teaching and learning materials (so-called Open Educational Resources) and ZHAW online courses for a global audience (so-called MOOCs).

When: May 29, 2024, 13:00-18:00

Where: ZHAW Health (Adeline Favre House, Katharina-Sulzer-Platz 9, Winterthur)

Organized by ZHAW digital, Gertrudstrasse 15, Winterthur