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Recap of “Kick-start your Career with AI”-Hackathon

On April 17, 2024, the University of Zurich hosted an event for high school students. The full-day hackathon provided a platform for young and aspiring students to explore the potential of AI in shaping their educational and career choices.

Keynote speakers Daniela Gunz from the Career Center UZH and Reinhard Furrer from the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Machine Learning at UZH shared valuable insights into technology and career choices. The students worked the whole day and presented their ideas in the evening to the jury, consisting of Maresa Knaus, Prorektorat Lehre und Studium Universität Zürich, Lukas Loeffel, Digitale Lehre & Forschung PhF, Universität Zürich and Gerlinde Kristahn, Global Learning Council.

Jury members: Lukas Löffel, Gerlinde Kristahn and Maresa Knaus (left to right)

The young people developed exciting concepts, that show a wide range of innovative applications of AI: From personalized CV refinement tools to comprehensive job discovery platforms, each concept demonstrated a nuanced understanding of how AI can empower individuals to navigate their career paths effectively. By leveraging AI’s capabilities in language processing, image generation or data analysis, these proposals offer tailored solutions to address the diverse needs of users, ultimately aiming to bridge the gap between educational expectations and real-world opportunities.

The winner teams are invited to participate in the Global Learning Council Annual Meeting and the Villars Symposium, scheduled for June 25 and 26, 2024, in Villars-sur-Ollon.

The creativity and commitment of the participants truly impressed us. We hope that they continue pursuing their ideas beyond this hackathon.

Thanks to all participants and contributors, especially  Lisa Heierli (Science Lab UZH), Ibrahim Al Hazwani (UZH, DSI Excellence Program) and Judit Martínez Moreno (PHZH, DSI Excellence Program) for their dedication and enthusiasm.

The event was co-organized by UZH Science Lab, DIZH and Global Learning Council (GLC).