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“Making & more” anthology published

The anthology “Making & More: designing learning together” offers well-founded insights, new approaches and practical reports on how to integrate creative and action-oriented learning into the classroom.

The vernissage “Making & More: designing learning together” marks the publication of the anthology, which was created as part of the DIZH project “Making in the classroom”. It will take place on June 19 at 3 p.m. at the PHZH. Register here.

This special issue of the journal MedienPädagogik examines the role of making as a pedagogical approach to teaching digital and practical skills. The 21 articles include theoretical foundations, practical reports and didactic concepts that shed light on the diverse aspects and potential of making in education. From promoting technical skills to strengthening creative thinking and collaboration on projects, Making opens up new horizons for teaching and learning. The contributions show how making can be integrated into everyday school life and what effects this has on learners and teachers. Making is described as a transformative method that goes far beyond the teaching of technical skills and promotes a culture of collaboration and exchange.