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eID solution presented at Federal Office of Justice

In March, Dr. Liudmila Zavolokina (UZH) and Cédric Merz (Ergon AG) had a chance to present their work “Resilience in times of crisis – electronic identities for refugees from Ukraine” at the monthly E-ID Participation meeting of Federal Office of Justice FOJ. 

Currently, in Switzerland a work on the e-ID project is underway, which aims to establish a system of state-recognised, electronic credentials (e-ID) and introduce the associated legislation. The self-sovereign identity (SSI) approach is being pursued. This allows decentralised data storage at the individual user’s premises. The data is only stored on your mobile device and it is up to you to decide what data you transmit to whom. As part of this initiative monthly participation meetings are held as a video conference. In the meetings, the current status of the e-ID project is presented and usually external experts to present e-ID-relevant topics.

In their presentation, Liudmila Zavolokina and Cédric Merz showcased how SSI technology could be utilised for early identification of refugees in Switzerland and improve data exchange between private individual and public administration officies. Their research was carried out within the “Goverment as a Platform” project funded by DIZH.