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Experience Ice Ages and Climate Change Up Close

The IceAgeCam on the Felsenegg viewing terrace with a panoramic view of Lake Zurich and the Alps beyond. (Picture: Christian Grund)

The IceAgeCam is an interactive installation located at Felsenegg, aimed at illustrating the impacts of climate change on glacial landscapes. Developed by researchers from UZH, the University of Lausanne, and ZHdK, it allows visitors to manipulate atmospheric CO2 levels to experience landscape changes from the past to the future. The installation aims to correct misconceptions about climate change and raise awareness among a wide audience. It utilizes simulations based on research and a deep-learning model to generate high-resolution images.

One member of the project group is Jonas Christen. We spoke to him in the Schampar digital podcast about how to make complex research data on climate change understandable and accessible.

Jonas Christen is part of the project team behind Gestalte deine Stadt, an innovative virtual reality application that brings redesign projects to life visually and actively involves the public in the process.