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What if…

The ZHdK Digital Council has chosen artificial intelligence as its annual theme for 2024. Under the title “ZHdK+KI”, existing projects, programmes and resources will be used to promote and critically reflect on the skills and application of AI technologies at ZHdK. The aim is to understand needs, advise stakeholders and network experts. Kati Rickenbach’s comics from the series “What if…” give a first impression.

What could the future with AI actually look like at ZHdK?
Based on the results of the workshop “Atelier Futures 2” workshop, artist Kati Rickenbach created a series of humorous visions of what working with AI at ZHdK could look like in the future.

So what if…

… images were only designed with AI?

… AI enabled individual curriculum planning and study organisation?

… bots were to teach in the future?

Image Design © Kati Rickenbach