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20 years of Facebook – Karsten Donnay as a guest on SRF Digital Podcast

20 years of Facebook is the topic of the SRF Digital Podcast. Jürg Tschirren sheds light on various aspects of the development and criticism that have accompanied Facebook since it was founded. He explores the question of whether the accusations levelled at the social network are justified.

Karsten Donnay, Assistant Professor of Political Behaviour and Digital Media at the Department of Political Science and part of the Digital Society Initiative, comments on some of these accusations. He disagrees with the assumption that Facebook contributes to political polarisation through filter bubbles. Studies show that this assumption cannot be proven and that social media users are often exposed to more and more diverse information than social media abstainers.

The development and influence of Facebook is discussed not only in the podcast, but also in the article “20 years of Facebook, 20 years of scapegoats“.

Report from SRF 10 vor 10 from 02.02.2024.