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Learning languages the easy way

In the current podcast episode, we take an exclusive look at ChaLL, the prototype of a language-based chatbot that enables students to improve their language skills. Manuela Hürlimann from the Centre for Artificial Intelligence at the ZHAW provides insights into the development of the bot and explains why such a program offers added value in the language education of children. Jessica Reust and Frank Richter talk about the advantages of the bot, the challenges of programming for children and shed light on how ChaLL speaks English in a playful way with primary school children.

In the canton of Zurich, English is on the timetable from Year 3. Sisters Nora and Isabel share their impressions of the lessons with us.

ChaLL (Towards a Voice-Based Chatbot for Language Learners) is a joint project of the ZHAW, PHZH and UZH.