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New video podcast about drone defense

The Digital Society Initiative (DSI) has produced a new video podcast with the Swiss Drone and Robotics Center (SDRZ VBS). In seven episodes, the state of drone technology as well as legal and practical aspects of drone defense are explained.

The topic of drones and their defense is becoming an increasingly topical issue in view of the rapid technological developments in which Swiss researchers are playing a leading international role. Both private and state actors can use drones in a wide variety of ways. Current conflicts such as the Russian war against Ukraine also show the greatly increased importance of this technology, which also raises the question of adequate defense.

Against this background, the DSI and the SDRZ DDPS have produced a second video podcast. In the seven-part video series The complex challenge of drone defense», Noemi Schenk from the SDRC DDPS guides the viewer through the individual episodes, in which experts from the fields of drone technology and defense, law and the military contribute their knowledge.

All episodes of the new video podcast can be watched here.

The DSI and the SDRZ DDPS have already produced a video podcast dedicated to the question of whether robots should save people. The individual episodes are available at this link.

This article was published on DSI News on 9 January 2024.