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Mirror of Nature – Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai

From 15 December 2023 to 15 January 2024, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in Shanghai is presenting the Mirror of Nature exhibition by the UZH Art x Science Office.

Visitors can encounter living animals in videos, while animated illustrations remind us of species that are already extinct and call for responsibility. The video installation Triggered by Motion, which was developed as part of Planet Digital at the University of Zurich, forms the basis of the project.

As part of the original Triggered by Motion project, a camera was installed in China in the Tian Ma Shan Forest Park in a suburb of Shanghai. Dr Li Bicheng from the Shanghai Natural History Museum documented over 20 species, including raccoon dogs, palla squirrels, Chinese bulbul and spotted pigeon. The monitoring not only contributed to local wildlife surveys, but also inspired new approaches to wildlife management in urban environments.

The Mirror of Nature exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Swissnex in China, the University of Zurich and MoCA Shanghai. Through an immersive presentation and a series of talks and discussions, it will shed light on the topics of biodiversity and nature conservation worldwide.