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The BRIDGE Lab: expert survey on social acceptance of urban drones

The BRIDGE Lab is a structural vessel funded by the UZH Digital Society Initiative (DSI). It offers a collaborative platform to promote research and innovation across sectors and cultures, and to bring together academia with industry and policy makers with the aim to better understand how to obtain societal acceptance of disruptive technologies, among others.

The lab has a quarterly publication series which serve as the source of intellectual inspiration to communicate scientific results with societal actors outside academia. The current editions focus on the topics of «Societal Acceptance of Urban Drones» and «Ethical Acceptability of Autonomous Systems» in the Swiss context, with key findings of recent studies alongside recommendations for implementation.


The 1st Briefing Report features key findings of a literature study. It stresses the necessity to consider not only the apparent technical risk factors, but also the broader influences of external, operational, socio-economic, and emotional factors when evaluating societal acceptance.

The 2nd Briefing Report features key findings of an expert survey. It calls for more proactive awareness-raising activities, such as targeted information campaigns and broader education and engagement programs, to inform the public about the drone technology and its applications.
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