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Listening recommendation: Setting Sails – Navigating AI in Higher Education

The rapid advancement of GenAI poses significant questions for the future of higher education: Is GenAI a threat to traditional teaching, or is it an unprecedented opportunity to revolutionize education, fostering equality, accessibility, and enhanced efficacy?

Alexandra Jansky, leader of the innovation and digital education team at UZH and member of the DIZH Coordination Committee Education Program, engages university experts, AI enthusiasts, and critics once a week in enlightening conversations. Together, they examine the actual impact of GenAI on student learning, ponder over the potential decline of writing skills, and explore avenues through which AI could bolster accessibility in higher education.

Generative AI is also the topic of the 4th episode of the Schampar digital podcast. We talk to Barbara Getto, Professor of Media Education at the Centre for Education and Digital Change at the PH Zurich, about the influence of digital tools such as ChatGPT on learning and teaching at universities.

Barbara Getto researches organisational development processes in educational institutions in the context of digitalisation. She is Chair of the DIZH Coordination Committee Education Program.