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Societal Acceptance of Urban Drones: A Scoping Literature Review

The paper “Societal Acceptance of Urban Drones: A Scoping Literature Review” by Dr. Ning Wang, Nico Mutzner and Prof. Dr. Karl Blanchet was published in the current issue of the journal “Technogloy in Society”.

Abstract des Papers:

The use of drones (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in urban areas has emerged rapidly in the last decade, and continues to expand at an accelerating pace. Alongside the emergent uses of high-impact technology in both public and private sectors, political debates about the potential risks and challenges have arisen, encompassing diverse perspectives and attitudes about the ethical, legal, social, and regulatory implications of introducing and integrating new technology in society. This scoping review offers an assessment of the societal acceptance factors of urban drones discussed in the current academic literature. We used a hybrid approach including quantitative landscape mapping and qualitative content analysis of the selected articles to inductively develop a typology of acceptance factors associated with urban use of drones. This review illuminates areas that have been the focus of attention within the current body of knowledge (e.g., visual and noise pollution of drones), sketches the evo- lution of the relevant discussions over time (e.g., a focus on the safety of the drone technology toward safety of the cargo it carries and security of the data it collects), and points to areas that have received less considerations (e.g., media appropriation and social group influence). It can, thus, help situate the topic of societal acceptance of urban drones in specific contexts, and orient future research on promoting value sensitive innovation in society more broadly.

The journal Technology in Society is dedicated to the global discourse at the intersection of technological change and the social, economic, business, and philosophical transformation of the world around us. Scholarly work in this international journal focuses on the social forces that shape technological choices and the choices open to society about how to use technology.

The full article can be read here:  «Societal Acceptance of Urban Drones: A Scoping Literature Review»

This post appeared on DSI News on October 12, 2023.