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Virtual Tour “Green Bytes?”

Welcome to the virtual exhibition

How do sustainability and digitization fit together? We invite you to a retrospective exploration of our exhibition “Green Bytes? The virtual tour offers the opportunity to learn more about the projects and people presented at the ZKSD on June 7.

The event was both a platform for projects at the intersection of sustainability and digitalization and a place to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

During the virtual tour, visitors can navigate through the different exhibition areas. From artificial intelligence energy consumption to urban climate, from sustainable consumption practices to visions of the future, our exhibition offers a comprehensive insight into the possibilities of sustainable digitalization. The projects are marked on the map, and clicking on them displays more detailed information.


  1. SDGnets@ZH: Digitalization & Urban Sustainability Transformations in Zurich

  2. Machine Translation for Crisis Communication

  3. Digital Energy and Sustainability Discourses

  4. Clay Staircase from a 3D Printer

  5. Digital Manufacturing of Furniture from Reclaimed Wood

  6. Protein-Rich Food Database

  7. Foodscape – A Game on the Swiss Food System

  8. AI Infrastructure Manager for Sustainability

  9. Climate Change AI

  10. Expedition 2 Degrees

  11. Virtual Reality Glacier Experience

  12. Design Your City – VR for Sustainable Urban Spaces

  13. Batvision – Experience the World as a Bat

  14. With the Senses of a Spider – An Arachnocentric Experience

  15. Here Comes the Sun – How Light Changes Our Forest

  16. Hot in the City

  17. Spatial Sustainable Finance

  18. Energy Kiosk – A Playful Approach to Energy Transition in Residential Communities

  19. Eco Confessional Booth

  20. Virtual Fitting Room – Using 3D Avatars for Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

  21. Extending the Lifespan of Mobile Devices

  22. Sustainability Communication and Impact of Explainer Videos on Sustainable Topics

  23. Telehealth

  24. Co-Habitations & Future Visions


Many thanks to all exhibitors and to Cathérine Hartmann (ZKSD), Nico Frommherz (ZHAW sustainable) and Mario Angst (DSI Community Sustainability) for their inputs.

Virtual tour and photos: Ricardo Farina, ZHAW.