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What Switzerland thinks about digitization

The digital transformation is progressing ever faster, but not everyone has a positive attitude toward it. Thanks to the “DigiVox” survey panel, a comprehensive initial study of usage and perception among the population is currently underway.

Author: Karsten Donnay

In our everyday lives, digital services have long since become a matter of course for many, media use is increasingly shifting to the Internet, and political debates are increasingly shaped by online campaigns. The digital transformation is in full swing and will have a long-term and lasting impact on how we live as individuals, but also on how the economy, politics and society as a whole function.

In international comparison, Switzerland is doing quite well in terms of digital competitiveness. But what does advancing digitization mean for us as individuals and what is the population’s view of these changes? Who benefits from the digital transformation of society and who is more skeptical about it or even disadvantaged by it? And how do the attitudes and behavior of the population change over time?

The aim of DigiVox is to regularly survey important fundamental trends in dealing with digitization and its perception.
Karsten Donnay
Political scientist