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Call for Participation: Fostering focused work and collaboration in hybrid teams

Are you working in a knowledge work team and have frequent interactions with your co-workers? Do you sometimes find it challenging to balance focused work and collaborating with or helping your team? Then this study, conducted by the University of Zurich, might be valuable to you!

We are looking for knowledge work teams who are interested in using and evaluating a novel awareness software, FlowTeams, with us. During 4-6 work weeks and with a maximum time investment of 2 hours overall (spread across the study), you and your co-workers will get the chance to use FlowTeams at work. We expect that the software will help you carve out more focused time in your workday, and at the same time, collaborate efficiently with your team.

FlowTeams is funded by the Call for Rapid Action Proposals in the Innovation program. 

You may contact the project’s lead researcher, Dr. André Meyer (senior researcher at University of Zurich), any time via:

Screenshot FlowTeams