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Where AI is accepted in Switzerland

Women and the political left are more sceptical about AI. They criticise the lack of emotionality. Nevertheless, the positive basic attitude towards artificial intelligence is surprising.

Artificial intelligences can be used in many areas of life. For example, an AI can make a medical diagnosis, recognise false messages on social networks, invite people for a job interview, set the premium of an insurance company or decide whether a prisoner should be released or not.
But would Swiss people accept it if AIs were actually used in these areas? This is what the Digital Society Initiative (DSI) of the University of Zurich asked in a national population survey on AI. The survey was conducted in January and February 2022 – a year before ChatGPT showed the general public what AI is capable of. DSI CEO Markus Christen said in response to a question from “It is quite possible that ChatGPT would change a number of the data.” Many people today have a more differentiated view of AI than before the launch of the chatbot.

Author: Reto Vogt, INSIDE IT