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Big data, big challenges: conclusion of NRP 75

The National Research Programme “Big Data” (NRP 75) of the Swiss National Science Foundation investigated opportunities and challenges. The final report was presented at a media conference on 2 March 2023.

The use of big data can improve our everyday lives: medical care, mobility and energy efficiency or the supply of information.

At the same time, this increased use challenges us in terms of safeguarding democratic processes, equal treatment and fairness, and the right to anonymity in public spaces.

And ultimately, it is elusive for many: who understands the processes that take place behind user interfaces? What can they be used for? And how can the indispensable data flows be sensibly regulated?

These and other questions were addressed by the National Research Programme “Big Data” (NRP 75).

Various DSI (UZH) representatives were involved in the programme.

Click here for the final report.