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The influence of ChatGPT&Co on education

ChatGPT is causing a stir on all channels and is shaking up the education system: The media are reporting on it, experts are investigating its effects and universities are discussing the opportunities and risks in research and teaching.

ChatGPT&Co at school

Writing essays or summarising entire books: Pupils can now outsource these and other text tasks to programmes with artificial intelligence. The Zurich University of Teacher Education wants to prepare teachers for these challenges. In an interview with SRF, Tobias Röhl answers the question of what ChatGPT means for schools.

In April, the further training “ChatGPT & Co in the school” will take place at the PH Zurich – register now!

New competence centre deals with generative models

In response to the new tool ChatGPT, the Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAI) at the ZHAW has founded the “GenerativeAI” competence centre. The aim of the centre is to investigate the impact of generative models such as ChatGPT on society, to conduct research on and with these models, and to advise and support users.


On Thursday 2 March from 15:00 to 17:00, the 4th LeLa Forum on the topic of “OpenAI, ChatGPT & Co. – Implications for the Design of Teaching at Universities” will take place at UZH.

The panel discussion ChatGPT & Co. – an opportunity for research and teaching? on 9 March, organised by Digital Society Initiative (DSI) & Institute for Computational Linguistics (UZH), is already fully booked.

At a glance: ChatGPT in the higher education context

The website of the German Higher Education Forum on Digitisation provides a comprehensive, annotated collection of links on ChatGPT in the higher education context as well as the assessments of various experts on the topic (on German).