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A knowledge archive of the art of film

cineMINDS is developing an international online platform for the collection, research and publication of craft knowledge in the art of film. We open up innovative perspectives for dealing with large video corpora in the digital humanities, promote a low-threshold accessible publication of high-quality audiovisual data and create digital tools for the entire film and research location of Zurich.

Core team: 

Manuel Flurin Hendry, ZHdK Departement Darstellende Künste & Film

PD Dr. Simon Spiegel, UZH Seminar für Filmwissenschaft

Prof. Dr. Noah Bubenhofer, UZH Deutsches Seminar


Michael Hinderling

Practice partner: 

Internationaler Verband der Film- und Fernsehschulen (CILECT)

Running time: 2023-2026