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SpiN3D: Speech in Noise in a virtual 3D Audio-Environment

Many individuals have difficulties understanding speech in adverse listening situations. Current experimental paradigms lack naturalistic real-life conditions, especially sound source separation in 3D. 

We aim to construct several naturalistic scenarios with ascending complex/difficult listening conditions in 3D-Audio, including neurophysiology, cognition and hearing.

Core team: 

Prof. Dr. Martin Meyer, UZH Department of Comparative Language Science 

Anke Benker, UZH Department of Comparative Language Science 

Eric Larrieux, ZHdK Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology

PD Dr. Patrick Neff, UZH USZ Faculty of Medicine

Zino Wellauer, UZH Interdisciplinary Tinnitus Research Zurich

Practice partner: 


Running time: 2023-2026