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New citizen science project

Hoda Allahbakhshi, Researcher at the Digital Society Initiative (DSI), has won a new citizen science project with the Departement of Geography of the University of Zurich. It is a collaboration with the City of Zurich titled «How to make the city smarter and more inclusive with and for citizens?» and will start in 2023.

The project is related to the DSI fellowship project «SISAL: Situation-Aware Individualized Spatial Accessibility Analytics» awarded to Dr. Hoda Allahbakhshi and will be a collaboration between the University of Zurich  (Dr. Hoda Allahbakhshi, Digital Society Initiative, and  Prof. Dr. Robert Weibel, Department of Geography, GIS unit)  and the Department of the Mayor, the Department of Health and Environment, the Civil Engineering Office, the Traffic Section and the Office of Geomatics + Surveying of the City of Zurich.

This participatory citizen science project, with the help of web-based digital tools that allow for virtual inspections and measurements of accessibility features, aims to contribute to collecting and enriching accessibility information of the City of Zurich and investigate how accessible the City of Zurich is for persons with mobility impairments. Ultimately, the researchers are interested in how the accessibility of people with mobility impairments can be optimized and individualized by using detailed information about spatial accessibility.

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