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Current data on Creative Economies

The Zurich Centre for Creative Economies (ZCCE) is an international centre of excellence dedicated to research, teaching, incubation and consultancy in the field of the creative economies.

The ZCCE researches and analyzes the topics «Cultural Policies», «Art & Design Careers», «Digitalization», «Smart Cities», «Entrepreneurial Strategies» and «Criticism & Theory». Central to the research understanding is an interdisciplinary and multidimensional research practice, in which macro perspectives and quantitative approaches and micro perspectives with qualitative approaches complement each other.

The ZCCE publishes the website “Creative Economies“. It presents annual data on cultural participation from the “Creative Economies Reports” (tab: Data). It also offers research articles (tab: Analysis), information articles (tab: Insights) and reviews of books, essays and academic papers (tab: Review).