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Symposium “Making&more: shaping learning together”.

Making has infinitely many faces, which were also evident in the program of the symposium “Making&more: shaping learning together”.

Digitization and the associated changes in the world of work require versatile competencies: from digital design and the acquisition of a flexible and informatic mindset to an affinity for tools and digital media. The digital transformation opens up new possibilities in education, including diverse learning designs and learning architectures. New formats and structures of collaboration between different actors and levels of education are needed to foster innovation in education and prepare learners for the demands of professional life.

The fall conference of the Center for Media Education and Computer Science showed: Making has infinite faces. In his opening keynote on “Five Schools – Five MakerSpaces”, Björn Mauer presented not only valuable insights for school practice from the project “Making Erprobung Thurgau”, but also different definitions, challenges and opportunities for Maker Education. In the following workshops, a maker mindset could be deepened with different tools like BBC micro:bits or Arduino. With a cross-curricular approach, connections to biology, physics and art were shown as well as experiences from the Maker Days or from everyday school life were presented. In the parallel Barcamp, different facets of Making were discussed, but also other topics such as Open Educational Resources (OER) were further thought about together.

A detailed report on the conference and the workshops, downloads of the presentations and further information can be found at

Fotos: Tamara Menzi, PHZH