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LeLa Learning Lab Higher Education Didactics for Digital Skills

How does technology become identity and what does digital presence have to do with courage and learning cultures? As Charlotte Axelsson puts it at digitalswitzerland: “Digitality is in a transformation itself, to be digital is no longer a separate world, it becomes a part of our DNA: especially in the future generations which are still in primary school.” Transferring this thought to LeLa, it becomes clear that LeLa not only enriches the here and now of university teaching with digital skills, but rather acts as a future laboratory to prepare the teaching and learning culture for the coming generations. Because this generation thinks, acts and learns differently.


Mixed Media Course: Educational Encounter. Registration open until 12 September
LeLa congratulates Charlotte Axelsson on winning the Digital Shapers 2022 award.
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What is LeLa?

LeLa – Learning Lab Higher Education Didactics for Digital Skills is a cooperation project of the five Zurich universities: ETH, PHZH, UZH, ZHAW, ZHdK. The swissuniversities federal project P8 aims to promote digital skills among university teachers. The lab works on innovation processes in higher education didactics and development projects for digital skills of university teachers in the digital age.