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Economic priorities in post-war Ukraine

Project state


Project start

May 2022

Funding duration

8 month

Universities involved


Practice partner

CASE Ukraine

Funding amount DIZH

CHF 25'000

In cooperation with policy makers and academics from Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine (CASE Ukraine), the ZHAW School of management and Law has developed a report outlining a blueprint for the post-war economic reconstruction of Ukraine was produced. Highlighting Ukrainian voices and those with knowledge of the obstacles that Ukraine has faced over the past 30 years, the report represents a concrete and tangible approach to rebuilding the economy to where it should have been decades ago. Focusing on property rights, rule of law, decentralization, and digitalization, it offers detailed steps for the Ukrainian government once hostilities have ended.

The study, “A Blueprint for Reform: Economic priorities in post-war Ukraine,” shows that reconstruction can succeed despite challenges in fighting corruption, improving rule of law, or the need for more transparency. The project is intended to help facilitate economic and structural reforms once peace has been achieved in Ukraine. 

The work was funded by the Call for Rapid Action proposals “Dealing with emergencies as a result of the war against Ukraine” among others, and can be downloaded from Case Ukraine (PDF).


Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell, ZHAW School of Management and Law, Head of International Management Institute

Prof. Dr. Reto Steiner, Dean at ZHAW School of Management and Law

Dr. Yvonne Hegele, ZHAW School of Management and Law, Fachstelle Public Networks and Service Delivery

Practice partners

Dmytro Boyarchuk, Executive Director CASE Ukraine

CASE Ukraine, Center for Social and Economic Research

In the Business Arena, host David Kennedy took a closer look at the economic priorities of post-war Ukraine. Topics discussed included: the reconstruction of Ukraine, post-war recommendations, and integration into the European Union. TVP World’s guest was Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell of the ZHAW School of Management and Law.

Call type: 2. Rapid Action Call