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12 new digitisation projects start the new year with funding

ZHAW digital is again awarding funding for digitisation projects in 2022. The “Digital Futures Fund” (DFF) promotes innovations and projects with overarching benefits.

Since 2020, ZHAW digital has been awarding funds to support special digitisation projects. ZHAW employees receive up to CHF 20’000 for the twelve newly funded projects. The applicants were able to demonstrate that the implementation of their idea would provide an overarching benefit for the ZHAW or beyond or represent an innovative step in the digital transformation.

Driving the ZHAW digitally

Christian Weber of the ZHAW School of Management and Law wants to organise a university-wide hackathon in the field of digital health. All ZHAW departments can participate in the hackathon to gain practical experience for research and teaching purposes.

Julia Krasselt from the ZHAW School of Applied Linguistics is developing an online tool to monitor Swiss sustainability discourses. The tool is aimed at ZHAW’s strategic leadership, researchers and students and will be presented in workshops. It will complement the ZHAW’s sustainability strategy.

Innovation with Smart Cities and Chatbots

The project of Nicole Rosenberger from the ZHAW School of Applied Linguistics is about data-based innovations in smart cities. It examines whether residents of settlements accept the release of behavior-based energy data from the private sphere and whether this acceptance can be increased through communication.

Chatbots in administration are the core of the project by Katharina Guirguis from the ZHAW School of Management and Law. The project elaborates processes that achieve demonstrable benefits with chatbots. These insights allow for profitable transformation of service areas that are difficult to digitise.

Find out more about all funded projects and the Digital Futures Fund on the ZHAW digital website (in German).