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Leveraging Deep Learning to Assess Upper Limb Kinematics after Stroke with Off-the-shelf Webcams

We develop and validate a camera-based compensation classifier (“3C”) for tele-neurorehabilitation to discriminate normal arm-movements from those with compensation. The algorithm can be used with a webcam alone or in combination with inertial measurement unit (IMU).  This method enhances tele-rehabilitation and boosts the recovery process of the clients. 

Dr. Martina Spiess, ZHAW Gesundheit, Institut für Ergotherapie

Lena Sauerzopf, ZHAW Gesundheit, Institut für Ergotherapie

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Luft, UniversitätsSpital Zürich, Klinik für Neurologie

Dr. Elena Gavagnin, ZHAW School of Management and Law, Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik

Practice partner

Dr. Josef Schönhammer, Lake Lucerne Institute & UniversitätsSpital Zürich, Klinik für Neurologie

Running time: 2021-2023