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DIZH Apéro for the international workshop “Writing Technology”

Researchers from the USA and Europe met at the ZHAW in early December for an exchange on the digitization of writing. The meeting was hosted by DIZH Fellow Christian Rapp from the Center for Innovative Didactics at the School of Management and Law. The SNSF-funded meeting was prompted by a book project on digital writing technologies, the results of which were exchanged and discussed.

At the apéro sponsored by DIZH, Prof. Chris Anson from the University of North Carolina presented the project, and Dr. Kalliope Benetos (Université de Geneve) and Prof. Elena Cotos (Iowa State University) reported on the great technological leaps that writing has taken in the last forty years. The participants were welcomed by Prof. Maureen Ehrensberger from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting at ZHAW, who also took the opportunity to talk about her experiences with the digitization of translation, a neighboring field in which similar technologies are used as in writing.

The meeting ended with working groups trying to fathom the changes in writing in the face of the many digital innovations and to find theoretical reorientations for writing studies.