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ZHAW presents intuitive search engine for scientific datasets

The ZHAW School of Engineering has developed an intuitive search function as part of an EU project. This allows information, for example on cancer research or astrophysics, to be found and evaluated in huge databases. The INODE project is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research program.

ZHAW researcher Kurt Stockinger from the Institute of Applied Information Technology  is a Data Scientist who focuses on how data can be searched quickly in a structured and efficient way. The demand for democratisation and general accessibility of research results, which have often come about with the help of public funds, is becoming louder and louder. But especially in the environment of scientific databases, the search for information is difficult.

For the INODE project, Stockinger and his team developed an intuitive search function which responds to questions in natural language. In other words, users achieve the desired search result without any knowledge of computer science at all. “The goal is to ask the search engine questions in natural language, similar to the way we talk to other people,” Stockinger explains. This combines human and artificial intelligence.

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