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Digital transformation in school and society

Lecture series of the PHZH for interested teachers (in German)

Digital transformation is one of the greatest societal challenges of our time. How we work and consume, communicate and interact, teach and learn is undergoing profound changes. Where are schools and society heading in the age of digital data and media? What are the risks and opportunities associated with digitization? And how can learning succeed under digital conditions? This series of topics focuses on various current developments and offers an in-depth look at the digital transformation of society and education.

11.5.2021 «Grosse» und «kleine» Daten in Schule und Gesellschaft: Daten sinnvoll nutzen

25.5.2021 «Computational Thinking» Skills: Wie kann Informatische Bildung an Schulen gelingen?

8.6.2021 Kollege Computer? Künstliche Intelligenz in der Arbeitswelt

22.6.2021 Soziale Ungleichheit 2.0. Die digitale Spaltung der Welt

6.7.2021 Das Schulhaus der Zukunft. Wie müssen Lernräume aussehen, die auch in Zukunft Lernen ermöglichen? 

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