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Creating an ethical and legal governance framework for trustworthy cybersecurity in Switzerland

The project aims to provide data, insights, and recommendations on non-technical aspects of cybersecurity. It helps to address ethical and legal challenges in securing the digital infrastructure of Switzerland. The project is part of the National Research Programme 77 “Digital Transformation”.

Cybersecurity is characterized by rapid technological progress. New security gaps are constantly emerging, which are countered with technical protection measures. The speed of this development overwhelms many users of the technologies and limits their ability to make informed decisions about their usage behavior. The rule of law is also challenged by the pace of technological change, as democratically supported legislative processes cannot always keep pace with the speed of technological development. This leads to governance and legislative gaps that make effective and democratically supported cybersecurity difficult.

The project will develop concrete proposals for the Swiss parliament and the administration on how Swiss legislation can address cybersecurity challenges. In addition, guidelines for dealing with cybersecurity dilemmas will be created for government and private actors such as law enforcement agencies, computer emergency response teams, critical infrastructure risk and compliance teams, and cybersecurity solution providers.

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