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Invitation to DIZH Research Cluster on 4 February 2021

The event series of the DIZH Research Cluster addresses researchers of the UZH, the ZHAW, the ZHdK and the PHZH as well as further interested people. It offers them the opportunity to network and to discuss projects pertaining to digitalisation. During the Kick-off event on 23 November 2020, which has attracted more than 90 people, the organisers decided to set up future meetings in the format form follows function. This format allows us to respond to the varying needs of interested parties; a chosen format will thus suit its intended purpose. The following events offer the researchers an opportunity to get to know one another and discuss possible collaborations.

Next event: 

Thursday, 4 February 2021

11-12 am (Check-In: 10:45)

DIZH Research Cluster bei Wonder

This event will take place on the online platform Wonder, where we create virtual thematic rooms where you will find virtual thematic rooms hosted by researchers from UZH, ZHAW, ZHdK and PHZH. You move around with your own avatar, and you can have vibrant discussions in small groups there. This will give you the opportunity to look at topics from different perspectives and disciplines. 

The Governance of Digital Education (name of the room: Digital Education) / Dr. Michael Geiss

Virtual Reality in Education (name of the room: VR in Education) / Dr. Inez von Weitershausen

The need to innovate learning in light of the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the interest in digital technologies and longer-term alternatives to face-to-face interaction. As (higher) education institutions are exploring a range of options, Virtual Reality appears to be a particularly interesting one. With in-depth research and experiences being limited thus far, we look forward to exchanging insights and ideas with our DIZH Research cluster colleagues. 

Programming skills at schools (name of the room: Programming/Schools) / Dr. Bernadette Spieler

Makerspaces in Education(name of the room: Makerspaces Edu) / Dr. Patrick Bettinger

Digital tools in teaching with examples from university teaching, further education and use in schools (name of the room: Dig Tools/Teaching) / Dr. Alexandra Totter and Tobias Schifferle

AI and adaptive learning systems (name of the room: AI / ALS) / Dr. Tobias Röhl

Press Start! – Digital Play and Game Studies Research at DIZH (name of the room: Press Start!) / Dr. Hiloko Kato

Value Sensitive Innovation (name of the room: Value Sensitive Inno) / Ning Wang

Digital Financial Sustainability Ecosystem (name of the room: Sustainable Finance) / Dr. Daniel Fastnacht and Dr. Jan-Alexander Posth

Social and Emotional Skills in the Future of Work (name of the room: Future of Work) / Prof. Dr. Lauren Howe

As technologies transform the world of work, many organizations suggest that social and emotional skills (e.g., empathy, emotional intelligence, teamwork) will be a key part of future jobs opportunities. Why do social and emotional skills matter in the future of work? How can they be trained and developed? What institutions should be in charge of doing so? What barriers stand in the way? We welcome these and other questions about the role of fundamentally human skills in the future of work.

Struktur Call: Distant Creative Collaboration (name of the room: Creative Collab) / Stefano Vannotti and Renato Soldenhoff

We talk about the ZHdK proposal «Distant Creative Collaboration» for the DIZH Struktur Call. Do you have burning questions regarding this topic? And are you interested in participating? Learn more in the introduction video & register for workshops in March/April: The session is held in German.

Combined XR Experiences (name of the room: Combined XR Exp) / Prof. Christian Iseli

One of the current research priorities of the Immersive Arts Space (Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK) is to combine virtual reality with spatial augmented reality. By-standing visitors can witness the VR users’ explorations of the virtual space through projected visualizations on the surrounding walls and thus co-experience the virtual adventures of those who are wearing the VR googles. A first protype is the project Virutal Echolocation, which transfers sound impulses of the users (shouting) into a dynamic visual experience of the environment. This prototype is a collaboration of two research groups of the Immersive Arts Space.

Smart Cities / Prof. Dr. Frédéric Martel

Digitalization and Information(-Overload): Consequences for markets and society  (name of the room: Digitalization/Info) / Prof. Dr. Andreas Hefti

We are looking forward to meeting you at this or at another event of the DIZH Research Cluster!

How does Wonder work?

Use Chrome or Firefox. Each person is represented by a little avatar. By clicking or dragging your mouse, you can move around the room. If you get close enough to someone else, a videochat opens. You can see other people moving around the space and talking to each other, but you cannot hear or see their conversation unless you stand in the small circle around them.

How do I move around the room? 

Click anywhere in the room with your mouse and keep holding – and here we go, your avatar will make its first steps. 

How do I chat to other guests? 

If you want to join a conversation, just move close enough to the group until your avatar stands within the coloured circle. You can also use written chat from anywhere in the room to communicate with individual guests, your current group or the whole room.

Next events:

On 23 March 2021 the DSI will host a Speed Dating for the DIZH Research Cluster. Further information will follow.