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Steering Committee

Dr. Karin Mairitsch, President ZHdK (Chair)

Prof. Dr. Michael Schaepman, President UZH (Chair)

Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Piveteau, President ZHAW

Prof. Dr. Heinz Rhyn, President PHZH 

Prof. Dr. Dorothea Christ, President Office of Universities of the Canton of Zurich

Management Board

Dr. Reto Thaler, Chair
Secretary general, PHZH

Prof. Abraham Bernstein, PhD
Director Digital Society Initiative, UZH

Dr. Martin Jaekel
Head of Research and Development Unit, ZHAW

Dr. Susanne Schumacher, Chair
Chair Digital Council, ZHdK


Managing Office

Lesley Spiegel, Managing Director

Sabine Dani, Communication & Administration

Daniel Prontera (Deputy Lisa Dörrer, Office Innovation program)

Dr. Helge Johannssen, Office Innovation program

Dr. Silvia Passardi, Controlling & Finance

Innovation panel

Prof. Dr. Dirk Wilhelm, Chair
Dean and Managing Director School of Engineering (ZHAW)

Prof. Dr. med. Emanuela Keller
Professor of Neurointensive Medicine (UZH)

Dr. Maria Olivares
Head Innovation (UZH)

Prof. Dr. Ross Purves
Professor Geocomputation (UZH)

Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze
Director of Swiss Center for Automotive Research, Swiss CAR (UZH)

Prof. Dr. Monika Götzö
Director of the Institute for Diversity and Social Integration (ZHAW)

Prof. Dr. Adrian W. Müller
Director of Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ZHAW)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ott
Director of Institute of Computational Life Sciences (ZHAW)

Dr. Beate Böckem
Head of Research Affairs (ZHdK)

Prof. Swetlana Heger-Davis 
Head of the Department of Fine Arts (ZHdK)

Dr. Ramona Mosse
Head of Study Theatre (ZHdK)

Prof. Christoph Weckerle
Head of Zurich Centre for Creative Economies (ZHdK)

Dr. Wolfgang Bührer 
Instructor Nature and Technology (PHZH)

Raquel Delgado Moreira, PhD
Responsible for research funding, Office for Research & Development Services (PHZH)

Prof. Dr. Hanja Hansen
Innovation Manager University Development (PHZH)

Dr. Markus Weil
Head of Higher and Adult Education (PHZH)

Note: The submission and recusal rules in the DIZH Innovation Programme (PDF, german) regulate both the submission of applications and the recusal from reviewing and approving project proposals.

Coordination Committee Education Program

Prof. Dr. Barbara Getto, Chair
Professor of Media Education / Centre for Education and Digital Transformation (PHZH)

Charlotte Axelsson, Deputy Chair
Head of E-Learning (ZHdK)

Dr. Alexandra Jansky
Head of Digital Education and Innovation (UZH)

Prof. Dr. Sascha Schneider
Assistant Professor of Educational Technology / Institute of Education (UZH)

Prof. Dr. med. Claudia Witt (Stv. Prof. Dr. Titus Neupert)
Direktorin Digital Society Initiative (UZH)

Julian Keuzenkamp
Research Associate ZHAW digital

Thomas Korner
Head of Innovation Lab, Ressort Education (ZHAW)

Wanja Kröger
Head of Dossier Teaching (ZHdK)

Prof. Dr. phil Miriam Schmidt-Wetzel
Professorin Fachdidaktik Kunst und Design / Mitglied im Digitalrat (ZHdK)

Dr. Martin Berger
Lecturer Education and Social Sciences (PHZH)

Prof. Dr. Hanja Hansen
Innovation Manager University Development (PHZH)

Plenary Meeting

The plenary meeting serves to network the members of the DIZH, to inform them about current developments and to exchange opinions. It includes all members of the DIZH as well as other persons who are employed at one of the partner universities and who have actively expressed their interest in the DIZH to the managing office.