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Project Call

Supporting People Affected by Forced Marriage in Switzerland through Digital Transformation

The freedom to choose a spouse is a fundamental human right that equally applies to all human beings, regardless of race, nationality, or religion. Still, each year, there are over 300 cases of women being forcefully wed against their will in Switzerland alone. In this research, we will be collaborating… Read More »Supporting People Affected by Forced Marriage in Switzerland through Digital Transformation

Revolutionizing Education60+: Digital Lifelong Learning

In a world of increasing longevity and digitalization, learning in old age is an important pillar of aging well. Digital learning tools target young and rarely address the needs of generation60+. We revolutionize education60+ by developing a new e-learning concept and platform with age-friendly content and learning experience. Core team: … Read More »Revolutionizing Education60+: Digital Lifelong Learning

Deep Brain Vessel Profiler

Enhancing Brain Angiograms for Personalized Stroke Management The architecture of the supplying brain blood vessels impacts the occurrence and severity of stroke. DeepBVP will extract the Circle of Willis from MRA, automatically annotate vessel segments and characterize them morphologically and topologically. We employ deep learning methods with a solid knowledge… Read More »Deep Brain Vessel Profiler


Digital support for caregivers Project state closed Project start September 2021 Funding duration 28 months Universities involved ZHAW, ZHdK Practice partners We+Tech, Pro Aidants Funding amount DIZH CHF 223'000 There is an enormous amount of knowledge available for relatives of people with dementia. So much, in fact, that it’s easy… Read More »You+Care


Design and Evaluation of a Digital Exergame-Based Solution for Effective and Attractive Sports Rehabilitation Project state closed Project start November 2021 Funding duration 24 months Universities involved ZHAW, ZHdK Practice partners Sphery AG Funding amount DIZH CHF 202'000 After a knee injury, only 65% of athletes return to the… Read More »ExerCube

Making in the classroom

School-related creation and testing of OER modules OER-Units for Making To the anthology The anthology “Making & More: gemeinsam Lernen gestalten” (in German) offers well-founded insights, new approaches and practical reports on how to integrate creative and activity-oriented learning into the classroom. Making – a simple “making”, a “doing… Read More »Making in the classroom

Virtual reality as a learning venue for basic vocational training

Action Competence through Immersive Learning Experiences Project state closed Project start July 2021 Funding duration 15 months Universities involved ZHAW, PHZH Practice partners BKW Building Solutions, Bandara, Helvetas, Funding amount DIZH CHF 102'000 For many training companies, it is difficult to provide vocational trainees with sufficient situations in which… Read More »Virtual reality as a learning venue for basic vocational training


Leveraging Deep Learning to Assess Upper Limb Kinematics after Stroke with Off-the-shelf Webcams We develop and validate a camera-based compensation classifier (“3C”) for tele-neurorehabilitation to discriminate normal arm-movements from those with compensation. The algorithm can be used with a webcam alone or in combination with inertial measurement unit (IMU).  This… Read More »Tele-Assessment

Planet Digital Exhibition at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich On view: February 11 – June 6, 2022 Self-learning algorithms, rare earths, and robots bestowing blessings: In the exhibition Planet Digital, mounted by the University of Zurich and the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, innovative research teams meet up with creative minds from… Read More »Planet Digital


A house owned by no one but itself The project enhances Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and supports practitioners in the design and implementation of DAOs. For the first time, a DAO owning physical (and not only digital) assets is studied. For this, the No1s1 prototype is built – a physical… Read More »no1s1