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Apéro Digital

The Apéro Digital event series are regular in-person gatherings for those who are interested in science and technology to meet and discuss pressing issues related to digitalization, innovations and society in a systematic and argumentative way. Apéro Digital is composed of public talks around topics related to human-centered technology and value-based… Read More »Apéro Digital

Conversations with Stanley

“Conversations with Stanley” enables the audience to have conversations in real time with an emotionally responsive artificial intelligence. The project aims to make technology tangible in a low-threshold way, encourage critical reflection and open up a public and broad debate on the role of algorithms in our society. Learn more… Read More »Conversations with Stanley

DIZH Swiss Smart City Outreach

The “Swiss Smart City Outreach (SSCO)” project aims to promote the implementation of smart city initiatives, primarily in the canton of Zurich, by providing information, knowledge transfer (DIZH projects) and networking, thereby contributing to the development of smart, sustainable cities and municipalities in Switzerland. Further links on the topic: Plattform… Read More »DIZH Swiss Smart City Outreach

SciComm meets Comedy

The project communicates digital transformation topics in an entertaining way. The focus is on a comedy show, advertised via various websites, social media and a live event. The show and the accompanying communication are tested for their impact and resonance. Image created by OpenAI’s DALL-E Team Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Gnach, ZHAW School… Read More »SciComm meets Comedy

Exergames for Health – Bringing digital and motivating forms of therapy and training to the clinic and public

The development of exergames for rehabilitation requires an interdisciplinary approach. Exergameathons (a combination of interdisciplinary input and a hackathon format for the development of new exergame ideas) are intended to reduce the barriers to the use of exergames in the healthcare sector by involving healthcare professionals and the public. Team… Read More »Exergames for Health – Bringing digital and motivating forms of therapy and training to the clinic and public

Growing a public self-sustaining community for Activity Pacing and Long Covid patients

MindfulPacer is an innovative platform made up of a smartwatch application and a smartphone app. The platform helps people affected by Long Covid manage their symptoms by providing them with real-time data related to their physical activity.  The research prototype is now to be made publicly available and, in collaboration… Read More »Growing a public self-sustaining community for Activity Pacing and Long Covid patients

Data Donation Day

The Data Donation Day will familiarize the general public of the Canton of Zurich with the possibility to donate their digital trace data for academic research. The preparation of the outreach activity (live events, media coverage, and a website) will stimulate networking and collaboration among researchers from the four DIZH… Read More »Data Donation Day

Digital MasterClass Canton of Zurich

With the Digital MasterClass Canton of Zurich, qualified researchers from the DIZH universities will inform the parliamentarians of the Zurich Cantonal Council about relevant topics of digital transformation. Politicians can thus acquire digital expertise on a neutral basis and form independent opinions. More information From June 2024, five training events… Read More »Digital MasterClass Canton of Zurich

HackEOn: hacking satellite data for sustainable resource management

This hackathon event gives participants all means to capitalize on the application of Earth Observation data for the sustainable management of natural resources. Our mission is to enrich participants with EO-knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit surrounding sustainability. This combination will result in start-ups that benefit society. Hackeon. Pixels for the… Read More »HackEOn: hacking satellite data for sustainable resource management