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Information for grant recipients

We look forward to assist you with your funded project. In cooperation with the universities, we offer comprehensive support and advice, whether in the preparation of agreements, questions of project and financial management, the organisation of events or public relations work.

Funding guidelines

The approval of the funding decision was sent to you by the Program Office and forms the legal basis for our funding.

By submitting the application, you have assured us that possible third-party rights have been clarified and that the necessary rights of use are available.

The rights must be regulated in a case-specific agreement (“Agreement to DIZH funded Innovation Project/Structure”) before the start of the project (see IR DIZH § 7 “Guidelines for submitting the application”). Templates can be requested at the Program Office.

The right of the university(ies) involved in the project/structure to use the results free of charge for research and teaching in all areas of application must be guaranteed.

The DIZH is in no way liable for accidents or illnesses and their consequences or for damages of any kind arising in connection with the realisation of projects funded by its contributions.

If the funded project is subject to the Human Research Act, the projects must be registered for volunteer insurance at each university involved in the project in accordance with the university’s internally defined procedure.


Funding recipients ensure that the university(ies) fulfil their own contributions and coordinate controlling and reporting with the respective university.


You are obliged to prepare a final report on the content and financial aspects of the project. The template for the final report will be sent to you by email by the Program Office.

The content of funded structures is monitored by the Innovation Panel, with a status assessment approximately one year after the start of the project and an interim evaluation after approximately two years in order to decide on further funding.


It is important to us to communicate the funded projects to the public. In cooperation with the communication departments of the universities, we offer various communication measures and would like to support the projects individually.

Project modification

In the event of a project change, the application must be submitted to the Program Office with all the necessary documents.


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