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Outreach Call

In this first Outreach Call of the Innovation Program, we are looking for projects that increase the visibility of DIZH activities within and outside the partner universities and advance the networking of involved and interested persons and practice partners. 

The basic idea of the Outreach Call is both to make the impact of digital innovations visible within the framework of DIZH and to promote an engaged and critical discourse on the effects of this impact in the sense of networking across different stakeholder groups. On the one hand, this includes, for example, opening up new ways of exploiting such innovations or linking developed products, services or practices with the activities of other organizations, specific target groups or the public. On the other hand, this includes promoting dialog and knowledge transfer between society, culture, politics, administration and business on topics of digital transformation. 

The subject of the Outreach Call are innovations that have already been created within the framework of other DIZH projects or that focus on DIZH topics. It is essential that the call entries correspond to the basic objective of DIZH – i.e., to bring research findings closer to practice and make them available for utilization. Networking through collaboration of applicant teams with researchers who have already created innovations within the framework of DIZH projects is highly desirable. Collaboration between applicants from different DIZH universities is also welcome, but not mandatory. 

For projects with a maximum duration of 18 months, up to CHF 50,000 in funds from the DIZH special credit can be claimed. 


The submission deadline for this call has passed.

Only applications submitted via the portal will be considered.

The portal does not allow for caching and/or post-processing. We recommend that you have all information ready in advance.

It is mandatory that the following documents be uploaded to the portal as individual PDFs:

  • Application template (maximum three pages)
  • Budget template
  • CVs and list of major achievements (publications/works/exhibitions etc.) of all applicants: max. 4 pages/person (about 2 pages CV / 2 pages major achievements) combined in 1 PDF.
  • Confirmation of the university(ies) for the provision of the required matching funds
  • For each practice partner (if applicable) one Letter of Intent (max. 1 page) OR a two-page concept note on how the project would have an impact in practice.


4 October 2023

Deadline for submissions ends at 12:00 p.m. (noon)

December 2023

Funding decisions


Program Office DIZH
Dr. Helge Johannssen,
Gabriele Biller, Manuel Bamert:

For inquiries regarding matching funds and other questions regarding financing and the call, please contact: